Hi there!

I am a data scientist and behavioural economist, developing technology that helps consumers make better decisions. Most of my applied work is in banking and retail finance. In collaboration with my colleagues and other experts, I've been lucky enough to work on policies and digital tools that save people time, money and hassle. My current focus is using AI and personalised data representations to drive smarter financial decisions.

Linking up

I'm aways keen to connect on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Some of my experiments with data are on GitHub.

I'm also a Visiting Fellow at the London School of Economics.


My research interests are household/consumer finance, consumer-facing AI, evidence-based policy, experimental methods and social influences on decision-making. Do get in touch if you are after a copy of a paper or a dataset for replication.

My Google Scholar profile


Below you'll find some short write-ups of past and present work - with colleagues in industry and academia.

Behavioural Data Science

Combining behavioural science constructs with data science methods opens up exciting new possibilities.

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Banking data to measure wellbeing

What does it mean to be ‘financially well’ and how can banks use customer data to detect financial distress?.

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Online experiments - The world in simulation

Why and how we should use online behavioural experiments to inform policy and practice.

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Overdraft text message alerts - what works, and why?

In field experiments with 1m+ UK bank customers, we see exactly how people react to overdraft SMS alerts.

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