Advice from an info vegan and a nanny called Chrome

As a follow-up to my experimental life post a few months ago, here's a short essay on How to Focus from the InfoVegan blog. I really like his recommendation of working in fixed time slots. I personally prefer hour-long slots to the 35 minutes mentioned in the article, but that's probably because I can afford to since I don't use IM. In addition to the No More Tabs Chrome extension mentioned in the essay, I'd recommend Chrome Nanny (N.B.: both of these are extensions for the excellent and clutter free Google Chrome browser). Chrome Nanny allows you to block your favourite procrastination web sites during certain times, 9 to 5 for example. The blocking settings can only be changed if you go through the painful process of manually entering a long string of gobbledegook – just enough to make me give up on checking the footy scores.